Am I just bad at texting?


When I talk to girls at a bar, I can get a number. But after getting their number I think I can come off as needy, especially while texting.

A. I don’t follow the 3 day rule and generally text a girl the next day(obviously not immediately, but sometime over the day). Is that bad?

B. How long does a girl who is interested in you take to respond? I get really anxious (almost depressed) if I don’t you hear back by the next day or so. Is this a mental issue that I have or this the norm?

C. I tend to text in 1 liners. So that leads to me sending out multiple messages. Does that come off as too needy?

D. I generally respond within an hour or so. Is that too needy?

E. I feel like I do a lot of things and I feel I am a good friend (my friends honestly have great things to say about me, even though I have a very low opinion of myself. ) , but with girls I feel when I text them, I don’t say the right things and I constantly find myself going back to my messages and regretting things typed.

F. If I have a sent a message, when is a good time to follow-up? Is there ever a good time? And how do you reply?

Please help!!


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List of date ideas?


Hey lads,

One of the most challenging things in dating, I find, is to constantly come up with interesting dates. Are there any /r/seduction approved lists of date ideas out there? Thank you so much! 🙂


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