[field report] my 1st five cold approaches! Can you help me review them?


After reading only Tom Torero’s Beginner Guide To Daygame (I didn’t watch his YT movie) I deciced to try these things for myself. This is going to be a long post. But that’s because I want you to help me, so I can do better next time 😉 Enjoy!


First approach happened near my campus. I noticed a girl with curly hair, with which I was writing my language exam. I saw her at the other side of the street, so I waited for her to go through pedestrain crossing. She didn’t notice me, walked past me and then I had a moment of anxiety, but I encouraged myself. Followed her a bit and then stopped her by wheeling in front of her (something what Tom Torero does). I did it nicely, because she stopped and I didn’t notice any sign of stress or fear. She took of headphones and I opened by saying:

“Hi, I know you from that language exam we were writing on friday week ago. That time you were talking with a friend, so when I saw you today I wanted to come and talk with you”

Then I said, that with those curly hair she could be a nice spanish girl, and it made her laugh. Later she told that she is in hurry and then I made a mistake, because I was occupied with what I will say next: she just asked “Facebook?”. I presumed she was asking, if I stalked her on FB or something, but it could be just an asking for just my facebook, so we could talk later. Well, I ignored it and told, that I thought she is an ukrainian girl, since in that language she was speaking with some friend before. She said, that she’s not ukrainian, but polish, and unfortunately I freezed out a bit. Instead of saying something like “wow, so how many languages do you speak well” or such I just said “polish? Aaa..” hahaha. She said, she really has to go, so I said bye and that’s the end 😛 


2nd approach was at the shopping mall. Before it I made a quick warm-up, I asked some guy about directions and well, he was going in that direciton, so he walked me to the place I asked about and we had a convo. Then I joked a bit with two girls, who were giving away some brochures. I entered a mall and noticed a young looking girl in pink sweater, doing her homework. I looked at her, came up with an idea, what to say to her, and hesitated for like 2 minutes, well, because she looked “busy”. I quickly reminded myself feelings that I feel, when I miss the opportunity and when I come up and break my anxieties. That gave me a boost, so I came to her, and opened:

“Hi, I know it’s unusual to be chatted up by a stranger, but I thought you look sweet, so I came to you to talk a little”

She just smirked, said “okay”, so I sat by her and told about that sweater; that because of its pink colour I guess she’s kinda sensitive and such, because today some girls like to wear adidas trousers to seem tough (well, wtf, now, when I’m reading this, it sounds dumb haha). Of course I didn’t say it that smooth :d She didn’t make any statement, and rather focused on her homewok. So, I asked, if it’s a language course, she replied, that she’s learning english. I followed by saying, that I’d choose a different language, if I was in her place, since I got so fed up with it, that’s why I’ve picked spanish and I felt, that this reply was kinda bad. Well, still she didn’t give any attention, so I decides to give it a last question and then, when nothing changed, after few seconds I said it was nice to try talking to her and I just said goodbye.


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A third world country! Now what!


This is one of the worst nightmares in my life! It’s been about three years since I graduated from high school moved out of a free country back to my home country “a third world country”, and I still can’t attend college because of my financial issues, so smh, mixing is almost forbidden in our country, but one of the only places in it that people mix a lot at, is the college, what should I do about it “the mixing thingy between men and women”? And is it gonna be a good head start since I’m gonna be one of the older people in the class?


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How do I approach girls in a big city as a beginner?


A friend of mine and me have decided that we’re gonna spend the evening in Central London and try approaching girls.

We’re totally beginners and I (22M) don’t think I’ve ever approached a girl in ‘that way’.

We’ve actually already done it once already, and my friend approached 3/4 girls (just to compliment them), but I didn’t have the balls to approach any, although I know I had the chance with like 10 probably.

So I was wondering if you guys could give some tips on this?

The only plan I have is to first approach a couple of cute girls to compliment them for their beauty, just to feel a bit more confident and then also trying to have a proper conversation. And who knows, maybe getting their numbers (ok, that would honestly be a great milestone haha).
Also, last time, we did this with just some random girls on the main streets / locations, and we were thinking of doing the same in terms of location.

I don’t know. I’ve never done this. What do you think of all this?

I’m open to hear any opinion or any plan I need to have beforehand.

My main aim is to just become more confident in talking and approaching girls, and understand that they are just normal people and I shouldn’t be scared of them or put them on a pedestal.

Any help is very much appreciated 🙂


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What kind of people do you attract? (Plus a piece of my story)


Hello, everyone. I recently got into socializing, approaching, game etc. I wanted to share something with you, and hear from you aswell.
Im 25. Half a year ago i got dumped from a 6yr relationship. Same time I got so much health issues, this destroyed me and the little confidence that I had back then.
Now I’m back on my feet, trying to change my life. Back in the days I was quite shy, even when we had a rock band and there were quite a lot of girls. I’m trying to learn, change and grow from everything thats happened. I believe we all can if we put time, work and faith into it. In the last month I started approaching, and its quite scary but awesome aswell. You use the fear’s energy and just do it, take what you can from the situation,then learn from mistakes.
One thing though happened way too many times. The women I find myself most attracted to are engaged or married. My morals ofc wouldnt let me sleep with them.
I always find this out after we get to know each other, its never from the start. This month it was like 4 times, past months too. And these last few months its always this or someone with really heavy emotional issues. I don’t really believe in coincidences and I wonder often. I can agree to some part that that partners mirror us in some way.
What kind of people do you attract and what do you think is the reason behind it?


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