[field report] my 1st five cold approaches! Can you help me review them?


After reading only Tom Torero’s Beginner Guide To Daygame (I didn’t watch his YT movie) I deciced to try these things for myself. This is going to be a long post. But that’s because I want you to help me, so I can do better next time 😉 Enjoy!


First approach happened near my campus. I noticed a girl with curly hair, with which I was writing my language exam. I saw her at the other side of the street, so I waited for her to go through pedestrain crossing. She didn’t notice me, walked past me and then I had a moment of anxiety, but I encouraged myself. Followed her a bit and then stopped her by wheeling in front of her (something what Tom Torero does). I did it nicely, because she stopped and I didn’t notice any sign of stress or fear. She took of headphones and I opened by saying:

“Hi, I know you from that language exam we were writing on friday week ago. That time you were talking with a friend, so when I saw you today I wanted to come and talk with you”

Then I said, that with those curly hair she could be a nice spanish girl, and it made her laugh. Later she told that she is in hurry and then I made a mistake, because I was occupied with what I will say next: she just asked “Facebook?”. I presumed she was asking, if I stalked her on FB or something, but it could be just an asking for just my facebook, so we could talk later. Well, I ignored it and told, that I thought she is an ukrainian girl, since in that language she was speaking with some friend before. She said, that she’s not ukrainian, but polish, and unfortunately I freezed out a bit. Instead of saying something like “wow, so how many languages do you speak well” or such I just said “polish? Aaa..” hahaha. She said, she really has to go, so I said bye and that’s the end 😛 


2nd approach was at the shopping mall. Before it I made a quick warm-up, I asked some guy about directions and well, he was going in that direciton, so he walked me to the place I asked about and we had a convo. Then I joked a bit with two girls, who were giving away some brochures. I entered a mall and noticed a young looking girl in pink sweater, doing her homework. I looked at her, came up with an idea, what to say to her, and hesitated for like 2 minutes, well, because she looked “busy”. I quickly reminded myself feelings that I feel, when I miss the opportunity and when I come up and break my anxieties. That gave me a boost, so I came to her, and opened:

“Hi, I know it’s unusual to be chatted up by a stranger, but I thought you look sweet, so I came to you to talk a little”

She just smirked, said “okay”, so I sat by her and told about that sweater; that because of its pink colour I guess she’s kinda sensitive and such, because today some girls like to wear adidas trousers to seem tough (well, wtf, now, when I’m reading this, it sounds dumb haha). Of course I didn’t say it that smooth :d She didn’t make any statement, and rather focused on her homewok. So, I asked, if it’s a language course, she replied, that she’s learning english. I followed by saying, that I’d choose a different language, if I was in her place, since I got so fed up with it, that’s why I’ve picked spanish and I felt, that this reply was kinda bad. Well, still she didn’t give any attention, so I decides to give it a last question and then, when nothing changed, after few seconds I said it was nice to try talking to her and I just said goodbye.


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This chick I saw looked at me leaned forward and held eye contact for 60 seconds and chewed her lip. She also sucked her finger then made a motion with it. Could that mean she is interested?


What do you guys think?? I could see down her shirt and everything. After she sucked her finger it looked like she wanted me to come over to her. Do you think she actually wanted me to talk to her?

*Nah sorry man. She had a terrible accident while growing up on the family farm, so now she has two glass eyes. Problem is sometimes if her glass eyes get a little dry they point randomly at people which is what caused her to “look” at you. She chewed her lip to try and build up saliva in her mouth she could use to lubricate her eyes. But the thing is she didn’t want to get any on her top so she bent over. Her sucking her finger and moving it about was just to help her estimate windspeed and direction for when she tried to huck the lube into her own eye. Sorry man all the signs were there but in your particular case crazy coincidence.*

That’s crazy how did you know all of that? Sounds like you’re making that story up.

*It’s 100% true I know this because I went up and asked her myself. If you don’t believe me and think maybe she may have been into you why don’t you just ask her yourself?*

Hahahahaha nah that’s crazy bro I’d never just “go up to some random” like that, she could have a condition like the one I saw, then people might think I was a loser and a creep. Thanks for explaining that!

*No worries as for being a loser AND a creep – don’t worry you aren’t both.*

**Shame and dishonour upon you and the last thousand generations of your ancestors since unless you adopt I don’t see how there will be a next generation.**

**I swear some of you people could fuck up being a billionaire in a whorehouse.**


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This Subreddit is Hilariously Problematic


I stumbled across this subreddit a few days ago and honestly I can’t believe something like this still exists. Not a seduction subreddit, there is nothing wrong with that on it’s own. But the rhetoric in here is absolutely disgusting.

What I see a lot on here are people acting as if all women are essentially the same.

-“Woman want a guy who is confident, secure with their body and **masculine**.”

-“Woman at the club will look at you if you are having fun and **don’t care** what they think about you.”

-“Woman are attracted to men who can **control** any room they walk into.”

By themselves, statements like these aren’t that bad. It’s certainly true that more women are attracted to guys with certain characteristics. And that goes the same for guys. But that is not how things are framed here. Women are talked about as if they have no agency, no thoughts. Just beings waiting to find men who fit the description of attractive that has been laid out here. This is all TOTAL BULLSHIT. Tons of women like guys who are open about their emotions and not afraid of their insecurities (that’s the kind of guy that would be called a beta here).


But the bigger problem here is this is essentially the only way you all talk about women. I know this is a seduction subreddit so everything is sex related, but you are spreading an ideology that leads people to completely objectify women. It’s disgusting. And I have no problem with trying to get laid. You just need to stop brainwashing yourself to the point where you see women as “something to conquer”. You may think you let that perspective go when you aren’t seducing women, but you are wrong. It is still incredibly limiting and damaging. It damages the psyche of BOTH men and women. So please, please, please ask yourself if you are putting half the world in a box. And if you are, try to understand why that’s not okay.


Oh and I forgot the most fucked up part of this all. The people spreading this rhetoric are very often doing so in comment sections of people asking for genuine help. Sadboi James comes on here because his heart was broken. And everybody tells James that whoever broke his heart doesn’t matter and she is a waste of his time. How tf do you know that when you know nothing about her? The “numbers game” philosophy is fine if it could truly be limited to meaningless sex, but it clearly is not. It is fucking up how you think about and treat people.





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Went to a party


I went to a birthday party last night with some of my good friends. I had the mentality going in that I was just going to have fun. I just wanted to meet some new people and have fun. I was on my game I guess. I was bouncing from group to group making new friends. It was literally the most confident I have ever felt. I ended up talking to the birthday girl multiple times throughout the night. At first I just introduced myself and wished her a happy birthday and moved along. I noticed that we kept making eye contact throughout the night and she always seemed to be around. Fast forward about an hour and at this point I’m just sitting on the couch because I’d had quite a bit of alcohol. Next thing I know she plops down beside me and asks me if I am sober enough to consent. Ended up staying the night and had some great sex.

Most nights when I go out or go to a party I’m actively thinking to myself “I’m getting laid tonight” and it usually doesn’t work. But tonight I just had a great time and the birthday girl chose me out of 25+ guys at the party.

Sorry if this was a lame ass story it’s just my first post and wanted to brag on myself a little


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