I’m searching for a RSD video – “How To Pick Up High Ego / Low-Attention-Span Millennials Girls In 2018: Dating Advice Complete Guide”


Postpond viewing, now opened my old Firefox windows and saw this non watched video. Maybe someone made a copy?


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Asked a girl on Instagram out on a date. Things went pretty great, but I couldn’t get a kiss. Should I go for a second date or move on?


**This turned out longer than I intended so TLDR at the end.**


Just came back from a date with this girl I liked. I’d found her attractive for a very long time since she used to live in my neighborhood and we (sort of) work at the same place, but we’d never actually talked or met. Wasn’t even sure if she knew of me.

A few days ago I took one of her stories on Instagram as an opportunity to message her (It was a selfie of her holding a puppy in her hands. As I too have a dog I replied with me holding my dog trying to mimic her picture). Turns out she *does* know who I am and comes out as pretty talkative and open so we hit it off almost instantly. After a day or two of casually chatting I suggested we should go out and have some wine. She agreed enthusiastically.


We went to the park at night. We sat by the lake. I brought a blanket so we could sit on the grass with a view of the lake. We opened up a bottle of wine, listened to music and chatted. Things were pretty casual. IRL she seemed relaxed, chill and very talkative and laughed a lot at my stupid jokes.

She mostly talked about work problems and I thought the conversation was getting too professional/work-related so I veered it off to hobbies and interests and things got more interesting.


We even played some games. **Whoever’s interested in the games read on, if not skip to the next paragraph.**

First I initiated a drawing contest. The game goes like this. We both have a pen and paper. We choose one object to draw and then set a timer to 1 minute. We both have to draw the same object as best as we can before the timer runs out. I even played some dramatic music in the background for added effect. This turned out really fun. It was very dark so we couldn’t see our drawings until we shined a light on them at the end. The results were pretty ridiculous so we both laughed hysterically at each other’s horrible drawings. We were both having fun and things got way more relaxed. Also, we were now sitting way closer to each other.

We played some more games like “5 Lies”. The game is: You say you’re going to ask her 5 questions and she has to lie every time. Start off easy like “What’s the color of your hair?” then lead up to “What’s the name of our last president?” or “Name a country in Europe.” Obviously pretty easy, she just has to answer untruthfully every time, right? The trick is after 3-4 questions you act confused like you lost count say something like “Wait, I have to ask you 5 questions… how many did we do so far? She will most likely not consider this a question and answer truthfully and lose the game.” Pretty stupid, yeah, but she reacted very positively to it in a “omg you’re such a tease” way punching me lightly with her hand (always a good sign in my experience).


So things seem to be going very well and I think I should escalate it a bit. I want to engage in some physical contact (hand holding – always my go-to before I try a kiss as a way to test the waters and get more intimate). It’s pretty cold outside so I say “Hey, now let’s play ‘whose hand is colder'” and we both playfully hold each others’ hands to compare. Then we kinda start playing thumb wars out of nowhere and to make things more interesting I suggest we can’t look at our thumbs while playing and have to maintain eye-contact. This turns out great as we keep holding hands, and giggle stupidly while looking in each others’ eyes. I’m thinking I’m definitely going for a kiss in a few moments, but after a while she kinda gently pulls her hand away so I back off a little.

We’re back to talking about casual stuff and she kinda starts talking about work again. I feel the situation is de-escalating and I try to find ways to establish physical contact again. I’m thinking maybe I should put my arm around her, but it’s kinda awkward to do since we’re both wearing huge jackets. After a while she suggests we leave. We *had* been sitting there for 2 hours and it was getting pretty cold and she also had to catch the last bus home so I agreed. We both start picking up our things. The blanket we sat on is huge so I suggested we fold it together by each holding the opposite ends of it and bringing them together in the middle. This proved challenging in the dark as we couldn’t find the ends and it turned out very amusing as we both laughed trying to untangle the blanket. This created another “moment” and I think “I’ll swoop in for a kiss when we meet in the middle to join the ends of the blanket”. But, as we moved closer to each other she broke eye contact and I couldn’t meet her gaze at all. Damn. Alright. I’ll do it when we say goodbye.


I walk her to the bus stop and it’s a whole different ambiance since now we’re on the street and there’s people walking around us, noisy cars zooming past and streetlights shining bright (as opposed to the calm, dark and quiet ambiance of the park). We stop to say our goodbyes and I *really* don’t feel it’s a moment for a kiss, but I just know from experience that I’m going to be punching myself later if I don’t try and you never know. We hug and as we slowly pull away I move my head towards hers, but she just slightly turns and I end up kissing her cheek. 🙂

So I’m walking home cringing about what just happened, but she messages me just 10 minutes after we said goodbye sending me a picture of the drawings we did. So I’m thinking, alright she didn’t take that very badly.


So now I’m not sure if she’s into me and likes to takes things slowly or she just simply wants to be friends. Should I ask her out again and try to take things further? I’ve never actually been on a second date if I hadn’t at least gotten a kiss on the first one. I’ve always considered a date with no kiss a failed one. Thoughts on this?

Any advice is appreciated and thanks for reading.



Went on a date with a girl to the park. Had some wine, had some laughs, played some games, we both had a great time. When I went for a kiss, she turned the cheek. Should I try for a second date or does she just want to keep things friendly?


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Is being a cute guy better than being a hot guy?


We all know that a cute girl would be more desired than a hot one since the hot one would often be seen as “already having options” and “too high maintenance”. Would there be a similar thing for men in the eyes of women? I’m not talking about personality, just looks alone.


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Clear signs a women is interested? As I am Captain Oblivious


I have no idea and am completely oblivious to when a women is interested in me, from first interactions and every time after, I need help.


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Success! Finally lost my V-Card


After vowing to change the ways I (19M) approach women and deciding to get into great shape and build my confidence I have finally lost my virginity on the 3rd date with a girl I recently started seeing. The difference in my confidence that I act with around her surprises even me as I know I was a pretty weak Beta only months ago.

It’s nice to mark one in the win column, and I’ll take the claw marks on my back as a proud battle scar 😉
Don’t give up guys! Good hunting.


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