Tips on getting people to want to come up to talk to you/be more likeable



I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this but i was just hoping to find some tips of people wanting to talk to you.

So at the moment i’ve just returned from a uni camp, and i just feel like a lot of people rather talk to my friends than me, and i’m not sure whether it’s the vibe i’m giving out or how i’m acting but i want to know how to improve it so girls/ (guys are mates) would want to come to talk to me or be more interested in talking and wanting to pay more attention??

it might be a looks/appearance thing but i’m just not sure how to improve it

thanks in advance


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Messages not being sent


So I’m sending messages and the app says they are sent but don’t show up in the sent box or the chat log. Happened to me yesterday around the same time. I’m not sending anything provocative, just having a conversation.


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