Bait and switch success


I got tired of swiping and the dismal response rate recently. So I made a profile with pictures of a very tall sexy dude, a 9/10, and started swiping. Within two days I had 15 matches. This was quite a revelation. It’s true what they say. Women want to have sex just as much as men, but they want it with chad.

With this chad ego, I kept the texting to the minimum and very generic. I gave out a number for a second phone I have within the first convo.Thirsty ladies immediately wanted to meet up. So I setup a date at the bar near my house with an average looking one, a 6-7.

Now I’m tall but not over 6 foot and I’m not ugly either but I do have a very lucrative job. A job that does raise my smv quite a bit. So I go in and sit at the bar. I scan and find my target has arrived. I get some food and order a drink. Target has already ordered a drink. I pull out the burner and let her know I can’t make it.

Then I send over a drink to the target. Bar tender servers her the drink and I give her a smile and nod. After a bit I get up and go over to her. Introduce myself and talk very confidently. Now she’s been expecting the D all week so she’s pretty receptive.

It goes well. I close within the hour and take her to my place and smash.

I am now going to repeat with dozen other numbers I have.

Will keep you all updated.


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Hook me up with a job and ill return the favor (North hollywood)


Hello there am 23 Years old down low straight acting looking for a job and hopefully a straight guy would like to hire me and I would service him anytime he wants …..about me am 23 Latino 6’2 mellow guy pretty chill and easy going .I act straight a …

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(dating a co-worker) I jumped the gun and acted needy when I heard she had feelings for me


Dated a co-worker a few months back and she broke it off because she wasn’t ready to date in work again.(she dated some one from our job before me) I read a few books started improving myself acted confident teased her and everything. me, Her and a mutual work friend have drinks on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday I said I had plans I really didn’t but I wanted to seem like a busy guy with a lot of shit going on. Her friend said you really should of come this time. The girl I liked told the friend she thinks she has feelings for me. So I “canceled” my plans like a fool showed up anyway. When I had a moment alone with her I asked her out but I was drunk and being a little pushy I said stuff like I will pursue you relentlessly(thinking about what I said make me cringe). She was hesitant and said she can’t date anyone at work right now. She gave me a bunch of excuses. Her friend said I asked her out to soon.

I’m really just venting because I feel like I fucked up pretty bad. It’s only been a few days since. We used to tease each other a lot and it really has not been the same at work since. She is like a perfect 10 imo so it makes it even harder.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Success! Finally lost my V-Card


After vowing to change the ways I (19M) approach women and deciding to get into great shape and build my confidence I have finally lost my virginity on the 3rd date with a girl I recently started seeing. The difference in my confidence that I act with around her surprises even me as I know I was a pretty weak Beta only months ago.

It’s nice to mark one in the win column, and I’ll take the claw marks on my back as a proud battle scar 😉
Don’t give up guys! Good hunting.


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