I got stood up at my prom last night. I don’t know what to do.


I’m a high school senior and last night I got stood up at my prom and looked like a total loser. I should’ve known. This girl told me a month ago that she wanted to go with me, so I was like ok I’ll go. Last night i showed up and she was with another guy. A bunch of people laughed at me and thought I was an idiot. I don’t know what to do anymore.


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Instead of approaching girls tell them to come to you


Now doing this correctly can be difficult so I will break this down so that you can pull her away from her friends and into your arms. Now I prefer to do this from a sitting position but you could put a fresh twist on this by doing it whilst standing.

**Step 1: Consider the logistics**

The number one mistake that sabotages a guys success when inviting a girl to sit with you is neglecting to ensure there is a vacant spot for her to sit or stand comfortably with him.

Until you get the hang of this before calling her over ask yourself the following questions: *Is there space for her to join me? Can she get to me, perhaps I failed to notice she is sitting in the back of a cop car and is otherwised indisposed? Will she want to join me, am I standing in the middle of the road or the mens bathroom?* If you are still confused don’t worry the subtlies I am describe will come with time.

**Step 2. Get her attention**

Assuming the logistics are good you next need to get her attention. You have to walk the tightrope that is being confident without being offensive. To help you calibrate this I have given you some example do’s and dont’s to clarify:

**DO**: make eyecontact, give her wave, get her friends attention and signal that you want her friends attention, if she gives a slightly confused look give her a slow nod that says “yes you…” **DO NOT**: expose your erect penis, throw a series of increasingly heavy objects at her until she responds, yell “oh you the sloot with the rockin tits… yeah the one causing me to regret wearing pants with a zipper”

**Step 3. Call her over**

Now that she is looking at you, you need to convince her to come see what you want. *Here is a clue: if she is still looking and waiting on you at this point she has already decided she finds you attractive enough to engage with you*

By now she is looking at you first you have to somehow communicate to her that you want her to come over and join you. *If only there was some kind of a way to signal this over a distance… in this case screaming across the room wont work* I’ve got it! **wave her over with your hand** do this with the facial expression of a labrador that just found a kitten and the humans need to see this right now, they’ll be so proud of you, oh come on come on please indulge me.

**Step 4. Yeah there is another part**

*Oh no I did it but she is just looking at me, this is so awkward. Did I not do it properly? She probably thinks this is so sad. Oh god she just pointed me out and is talking to her friend they probably think I am such a creep…* right do me a favour…

**JUST REMEMBER IF SHE IS LOOKING AT YOU THEN SHE IS STILL OPEN TO IT** now you are probably thinking to yourself what else can I do? **IF SHE IS HESITATES JUST REAFFIRM YOU WANT HER TO COME OVER** Just think about it man, how often are you with friends when someone has an idea and people say no. So that friend goes “come on… it’ll be fun… do it… you know you want to… pleeeeaaaasssseeee” and eventually people cave, cause secretly all of you wanna do dumb shit. Or you don’t but it ends up being kinda fun.

**Tl;Dr:** Guys it isn’t that hard to invite a girl to join you, you have to be a fair idiot to mess it up. Just get her attention, wave her over, then say pretty please. You should be giving off vibes that say “hey you. Yes you… come here it is cool… yes i want you to come here, pretty please indulge me i want your company” best of luck with it lads.


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3 Easy Fixes for Approach Anxiety


3 Easy Fixes for Approach Anxiety


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Looking for NYC based female seduction partner for practicing tandem pickup.


Not sure if this sub does request like this, but I’m a seasoned seduction guy looking for a female partner in crime who is looking to pickup girls together.

I’m looking for somebody who is dedicated to learn and willing to face adversity, push past sticking points and be encouraging towards helping one another.

My former female threesome partner moved to the west coast, so I’m looking for somebody to take her place.

Yolo 143 thug life.


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Are college bars/clubs different, or is that just what all bars and clubs are like?


I’m in college and I went out to two of the main bars for my school and it was not that fun. I mean, I had fun playing some pool and hanging with a guy that I was there with, but most people just kinda stand there with their drink like a dad at a barbecue and put on this tough/cool guy persona. I talked to some pretty hot girls, but the conversations didn’t last long because their cockblocking friend(s) would pull them away or some talked to me like they were a celebrity or something. I know they don’t owe me anything, but damn some of these girls have the biggest egos lol. My game isn’t top tier or anything but it seems like the guys who get girls in college are just the guys who are connected through sports/frats/etc and don’t even necessarily have any game whatsoever. It seemed to me like most people were just there to stay within their clique the whole time and try to look cool for everyone and stroke their egos. Is this basically how all bars/clubs are?


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Guys, is my height part of the problem?


I’m a 19 year old dude and I feel like my height has been part of my problem with girls in my life. I have been 6’2” since I was 13 years old. I’ve never had any luck and it’s been bothering me a lot lately. Could this possibly be part of the problem?


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How I stopped being a pussy


These are the 3 big things I’ve picked up on recently. I went through a shit break-up last year and it took a lot of time to get my game back. This subreddit helped me get through tough times so I am paying it forward.

1) Cocky comedy will take you far. Being playfully cocky will instantly separate you from 90% of social interactions she has with other males. Cocky comedy comes from the perspective that **she is the one who is after you.** When meeting a new woman, challenge her from the very beginning. Instead of pursuing her, put it in your head that she is the one pursuing you. Don’t be afraid to bust her balls, but make sure it’s in a teasing flirtatious way. One way I like to use cocky comedy is by using a made up “strike system”. I’ll say something like this: “Oh, you don’t like pineapple on pizza? That’s gonna be a strike. This isn’t going to work out.” I take something small and blow it out of proportion as if it was a relationship deal breaker. The secret is a sly delivery, as you don’t want to come off as arrogant or try to hurt her feelings. Cocky comedy is a way to show that you’re not intimidated by her and that you like to have a good time. It’s also a good shit test to play on women.

2) Stop relying on logical characteristics to get women. This one took me a long time to figure out. I used to think “I’m an above average looking guy, I wear nice clothes, I’m not a fuck-up, so why aren’t women throwing themselves at me?” The thing is, having “logical” qualities is great to possess, and you should absolutely work on becoming the best person you can be. **But the reality is that logic ain’t gonna get you laid.** In order to attract women you must do so on an emotional level. Attraction is fueled by humor, charm, smart-ass comments, unpredictability, wit, i.e. the intangible characteristics. You MUST make a woman feel a special way if you want to attract her. The extra stuff (nice job and car) is just icing on the cake once you’ve already attracted her.

3) Understand what confidence looks like. You always hear people say “just be confident around women,” but what the fuck does confidence even LOOK like? I figured out that **confidence is just a sense of security in future events.** When talking to women, speak with certainty in the future. Replace your “if’s” with “when’s”, and stop staying “I think” and “I guess.” Communicate as though you already know you **will** go on a date with her, and that you **will** end up kissing her. You’ll start to notice how this change in mentality will subsequently change the way you carry yourself. If deep down you’re still insecure (which is okay) then fake it till you make it.

EDIT: Glad to see the reception this got! I’m going to make a post in a few days outlining some cocky comedy techniques. Be on the lookout for it.


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