Emotions vs Game


Hi, fellas. I’ll try to make it short. I’m probably not the only one with this problem, so I hope we can share some stories and help each other out.
After a really bad breakup, I’m slowly starting to get back my game, I’m trying different things, exploring inside and out, challenging myself etc. The stuff we all do at some point.
I have this issue, it comes up like 90% of the time. When I approach, or start to get to know a girl, if our conversation gets personal or we get physical my emotions start to get the best of me and most of the times I find myself on the losing end. That’s when the confidence and masculinity start to disappear probably. I start overthinking, especially when the date/night or w/e it is is over, when I have to wait days and wonder what will come next. That happens with almost every girl I meet.
It’s probably a part of the learning process, but still… How do you all deal with this?


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Approaching when no one is around


So guys I just see a cute girl sitting alone in hallway , should I approach? The hallway is almost too empty. Would it be creepy?


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Send halp


Ok. Heres my story. I know the basics of cold approaching, kino, seddit doctrine etc….

I have also had this bitter case of oneitis, lasting for 5 years

I have asked 2 girls out, both ‘deffered’ me with a fake maybe

Another one just said yes but then friendzoned me.

I used to cold approach, but after a cold approach got obsessed with me, I stopped doing it.

About me personally. I am a 17 yo HS senior, from New Jersey. I am very smart, very very smart (sat 1520), to the point where I overanalyze both before, during and after the moment. I have high anxiety, have been bullied in the past quite significantly and also been falsely accused of sexual harassment. These past experiences have left me cautious, putting it lightly.

I just feel lonely and unattractive. My stats are 5 foot 4, 170 lbs, fairly muscular rather than chubby. My looks and size are not my issue, save my height.

I need advanced tips, but anything is welcome.


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