How to open in bars


So I haven’t really bar gamed in a while, but was invited to go with a friend of mine to see some of his fellow musicians perform at a bar in Miami. I’ve done so much direct daygame, but I know doing the, hey I know this is random but, thing won’t really work in a bar?

My plan is just to be super present and have a good time. But if a girl catches my eye, how should I approach? I’m thinking of just looking at her until we lock eyes and just wait for an AI approach invitation, a smile or something, then just go and introduce myself.

Any advice?


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Igor ledochowski


Could any of you guys share your experiences on studying his programs and got success with girls


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Let me manage your tinder


Hey guys.

I have a crazy proposition here. I’m in the processes of setting up a tinder outsourcing service, in which we manage people tinder accounts.

The concept is simple. You give us access to your tinder account and we will write to your matches in order to set up plans for a meetup.

Our goal now is to test the idea – and I’m looking for a couple of people who want to test this out. Send me a message if you’re interested or curious 🙂


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