Feels like trying to lose my virginity all over again…haven’t had sex in two years.


So I was a virgin till college. Then I started learning game and going out to bars and parties more and sex became easy and abundant for two years. Then I got in a relationship for two years, graduated, and then broke it off. I had sex a couple times directly after but since then it’s started to feel like a Herculean task to even get a girl to so much as show interest in me.

I can’t figure out what happened. I try pretty hard, I’m extremely active on tinder and cold approach whenever I’m out and about but nothing ever comes to fruition anymore and girls don’t give me any signs of interest, every time I text them and make convo they ghost me after maybe a day and if I try to meetup, they always say no, so I don’t even know what to say to them anymore.

I can’t figure out what is wrong now. It used to be so easy to get laid. Maybe I aged into my looks poorly? Maybe I forgot everything about game I knew over the course of time with a gf.

I just can’t figure it out and it’s so frustrating because my desperation to get laid sometimes comes out by accident. Like I said, it feels like I’m trying to get laid for the first time again.

It’s like someone put a fucking hex on me


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How to talk/flirt with shy girls?


It’s kinda tough to talk to someone that doesn’t have the same energy as me or atleast try to match it


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The flirt button needs to go


Always bots, even if you set you account to first message 50+ characters required, you still get FakeAssProfile69420 sent you a message!
No, I wasn’t sent a message, they hit that stupid ass button and “Hey There :)” is not 50 characters now is it?
Turning off meet me notifications cut down the spam a decent amount, was getting like 16 in under 2 minutes. But that stupid button needs to go too or a way to block it

Edit: Let me put it this way. Women, if there was an equivalent button for men to use, that was always the same message, and (being generous here) 95% of the time it was spam or scam. Would you ever reply to it? Would you want a way to block it?


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Clear signs a women is interested? As I am Captain Oblivious


I have no idea and am completely oblivious to when a women is interested in me, from first interactions and every time after, I need help.


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So, POF just deletes your profile without warning or reason?


I was trying out POF, met a girl, was talking.

I invited her to Skype… And this morning my account is gone. Nothing weird, just “Hey, we’ve been talking for a few days now via message, here’s my handle if you’d like to do a video call.”

I recreate my account, find her and say “Something weird happened. My account was deleted.” And then that account vanished. From a different e-mail.

I don’t know what I’ve done. In a few days I probably only messaged 3 people. Was this girl sick of me and had me blocked? Is it the catfish from half a country away I told to get stuffed?

I mean, it was early days, but that kinda sucks. The lady seemed kinda cool.

I should also mention… Upon recreating my profile, any time I did the “Match Me” it would always say I matched 0 users, can’t give me matches. Is POF just broken as hell?


After sending an email to their CSR

For the safety of our users, we have an automated system in place which flags suspicious activity on POF. Regrettably, your account was
mistakenly flagged by this system, and deleted. We apologize for the inconvenience.

So, now I can sign on again.


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