A cry for help


Hey guys I need any kind of advice on how not to lose this girl. I went on a date with her the other night and she seemed like she was kinda into me. We were meant to only go to a movie but after the movie we sat in my car and talked for another 2 hours. I asked if she wanted to do it again and she said yes, but now when she texts me she seems more distant than before. She still texts back and everything but I really like her and I want to make sure I don’t fuck it up like I have so many times before. Any advice is appreciated


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How to develope aggressiveness


I have been single for 6 months now, after 6 year long relationship.
I have this girl that I’m fooling around with, and she has a lot more experience than me.
She always gives me shit for being to gentle when I kiss her or not aggressive enough.
Today I tried dirty talking with her by telling her what I want to do to her and she just said “look who became brave all of the sudden” .

It sounds aweful but we have fun, I’m just trying to focus on a particular issue here:
How so I become more aggressive, touch women like they want to be touched (more dominant) and not give a rapie vibe ?

BTW this girl has daddy issues if this is of importance.


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Need Help with this Gal (M,19)


Hey guys so I’ve been with this girl(F,22) that has a long distance relationship boyfriend for about 3months now and I know this is very bad and we shouldn’t be doing stuff like this but we just can’t help it , we’ve just gone tgt naturally and we’re about to go out to stay together tomorrow , it’s been a while since we’ve met due to holidays and I think that she maybe thinking of breaking ties with me for her bf cause she said that she feels very guilty for doing stuff like this , ofc I feel very sad but being sad doesn’t really work with her , she likes boys that are hard to get I think , so do u guys have any advice on what to do and what not to do the few days we’re staying out ? Like if she says we should just be friend or something what do I say ? Need some advice thanks guys


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I don’t know how to escalate things with this girl, though I’m pretty sure she already likes me.


We’ve met a party in late 2018, hit off pretty damn well, but the circumstances led to me not asking for her number. After a month of overthinking (I liked her, but was it weird to contact her a month after the party?), I finally got the balls to contact her again and she quickly followed my lead (she proposed a drink after two days of talking).

We’ve been seeing each other for around three weeks, and we have seen each other quite a few times in these weeks. I’m fairly convinced that she does like me (she responds to my touches, she texts me all the time and she always was the one to ask me out, there’s also a lot of banter and push/pull between us).

The only issue is that when we see each other, it never escalates. Besides a few touches here and there, I find myself unable to initiate any sexual tension.

I think I am so used to going for the girls who show me a lot of interest that I don’t even know how to make my interest clear. Usually, I get with girls who show me right away that they like me and I’m 95% sure anything I’ll do or say will work with them. Here, I’m in this position where I’m convinced she does like me, but she’s not the type of girl to show it (she had one long-term boyfriend and I’m used to more promiscuous women).

Anyways, we’re seeing each other on Friday night and I feel like this is the night too many. I want to make it clear tomorrow that I don’t want to be her friend. I am afraid to keep seeing her without anything happening so much that she’ll either drop her interest in me, or she will start thinking that I don’t like her back. How should I go so our night escalates? I just want to see her again without having to think of all this and be sure we want each other sexually.


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Am I becoming needy?


I (21m) have been on 2 dates with a girl (18f). First time we met for coffee and second time we were at my place cooking together and watching a movie. Last date was 2 days ago, we kissed and such but I did not escalate further. Next day I texted her saying I had a great time and would like to see her again she responed the same. I then said that I would like to meet her again this week she agreed but did not specify what day she would be free. I have not yet responded to this message. I have since this followed every r/seduction rule with abundance and so on. I just felt that this recent behaviour was quite needy? Would it be fine to casually invite her for a date on saturday again? Maybe a few drinks in town and a movie at my place? She seems really into me but I don’t want to be clingy and so on.

What do you think?


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Insecure , needy & passive-aggressive girl



Have you ever dated a girl that was insecure and needy, before you even started dating? (Constantly wanting to know where you stand,shit testing..all while being hard to get) Or should I avoid that all together?



I [22] been talking to this girl [20] for a while , she hit me up out the blue saying that we should link up (I said I wasnt free that day but we should set something up , so I asked her when would she be free the following week. She said she’ll let me know once she get’s her schedule for work (understandable)… Every now and then I would send a ping text .. “Hope you have a great day” when all of a sudden she started texting me stuff on the daily like (I like you,I can’t stop thinking about you , I feel like you aren’t being honest with me, I want to know where you stand with me) like LONG PARAGRAPHS ..I’M TALKING LIKE 300 word essays , 5-7 texts at a time. Everytime I would reply briefly and keep it cool , she’d calm down. And the next day it would be the same thing again (I feel so confused , how do you fee about me? I don’t play games I win them,and some more BS)

It felt like we were in a relationship already , without even meeting or going on a date yet (well in her mind atleast) . Expecting constant texts from me , and taking so long to get back to me about her schedule for AN actual date. Seemed kind of weird to me, am I bugging ?


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