How can I, flirtatiously, ask a girl to my house, or hers or somewhere more private?


A few days ago I went on a date with a girl to the library. At the end we kissed and cuddled for a good 15 minutes and she and I have been sending each other fairly flirtatious texts. I’m wondering how to ask her out again, to go somewhere fairly private without making her feel bad (i.e. fear of being slut shamed) because that’s the last thing I want to do to any girl

We live about 20 minutes apart, so i feel like this could be a deal breaker to commute for her. I don’t have an issue.

Thank you in advance, for all advice.


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I feel like most guys here (including me) have a few common problems…..


1) Not knowing how to put ourselves out there – I feel like some of us just want to skip to the point of our lives where we’re able to approach and talk to attractive girls without it being a problem. I think to get to this point we gotta learn just to talk to everybody first. Going to events (i’m in college for example, there’s always events), gatherings, etc is probably a good way to just talk to people. I know this is one area I have to improve on because I’m not a big talker in general (introvert, stays to myself kind of guy) Social Circle goes here in my opinion as well

2) Always thinking about the end goal – Now I’m not sure 100% sure on this but me for example I’m always (or at least a few times a day) thinking about sex (virgin). I know its a process to get to that point with a girl but I still feel like I need to tweak this mindset a little bit

3) Overthinking – I feel like you can fit a lot of things into this problem. Overthinking what to say if you ever decide you want to approach a girl, overthinking when/what to text, overthinking if she likes you enough to have sex, the list can go on (Anxiety can probably go into this as well). Only solution I have for this is to probably get more experience, but maybe can give more help on this

If anyone wants to give advice or list their own problems go ahead. We’re all here to learn and bounce ideas off each other


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How do I condition girls to be friends with benefits?


Hi guys, I’m on mobile so forgive any mistakes (also have no idea on how to view a sidebar on my cell).

So recently I’ve been pulling a ton of women and have no problem escalating kino, keeping the conversation fun and flirty and even getting to a sexual level but almost every girl wants to date me and doesn’t want anything casual (even after we’ve had casual sex already).

I’m always upfront about what I’m looking for from the beginning as I don’t want to lead anyone in or hurt anybody but I feel like I’m running into this wall over and over again.

Any advice on how I condition the girls to keeping things casual or any videos I can check out?

Thanks for the help, love you guys, let’s do this!


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How to message girl I previously messaged , talked to for a while and then chickened the fuck out ?


So guys how do I reinitiate convo , are there some joke or ice breaker to help me ?


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