Experience confessing to a girl from your social circle


I need to gauge if it‘s worth taking the risk. I‘m fucking shit at reading signals but my boys tell me there might be interest on her side (which I assume they tell me because they are my boys).

She send me a text today confirming the gathering of our social circle for tomorrow. Which she could have done in our WhatsApp friend group. Alone on this my best friend told me to just all-in soon.

I‘m pretty into her but I‘m not sure she noticed that, because again, I‘m so shit at reading signals.

We keep in contact over Snapchat and she sends me selfies regularily, which I‘m the only boy in the social circle she sends them to I‘m pretty sure.

So only going by this, would you guys says it‘s worth trying this? I live in Germany and we are in our early twenties.

I need your advice on this topic urgently AND BE BRUTALLY HONEST!


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Get Women Chasing You With These Online Dating Hacks


Get Women Chasing You With These Online Dating Hacks


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Oral and btm for tops


Looking for a reg top to service him oral and btm am smooth 5.5 weight 145. Email me to set up something

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How to move from one set to another


Hi guys! New here!
So yesterday after a night out, I came across a mind bugging thing.
When you enter a venue especially a crowded one like a dancing bar or a club, you find yourself a spot.
Open a nearby set lets the conversation goes.
But when you’ve reached end of conv, how can you move from one set to another? Or just move into the venue without it being awkward?
Not by going to buy a drink or going outside to smoke also.

Thanks for replies 😛


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For expert seducers: how many times do you get turned down after a first date?


Do you still of years of seducing get a lot of flaking, fading, rejection after a first date?

I just want to know if this ever goes away. Or is it just normal that half of first dates go nowhere.

Thoughts? Opinions?


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Insecure , needy & passive-aggressive girl



Have you ever dated a girl that was insecure and needy, before you even started dating? (Constantly wanting to know where you stand,shit testing..all while being hard to get) Or should I avoid that all together?



I [22] been talking to this girl [20] for a while , she hit me up out the blue saying that we should link up (I said I wasnt free that day but we should set something up , so I asked her when would she be free the following week. She said she’ll let me know once she get’s her schedule for work (understandable)… Every now and then I would send a ping text .. “Hope you have a great day” when all of a sudden she started texting me stuff on the daily like (I like you,I can’t stop thinking about you , I feel like you aren’t being honest with me, I want to know where you stand with me) like LONG PARAGRAPHS ..I’M TALKING LIKE 300 word essays , 5-7 texts at a time. Everytime I would reply briefly and keep it cool , she’d calm down. And the next day it would be the same thing again (I feel so confused , how do you fee about me? I don’t play games I win them,and some more BS)

It felt like we were in a relationship already , without even meeting or going on a date yet (well in her mind atleast) . Expecting constant texts from me , and taking so long to get back to me about her schedule for AN actual date. Seemed kind of weird to me, am I bugging ?


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Is it also tiresome for you to keep the frame? How have you meshed the techniques and different strategies into your personality?


Basically the title. Quoting u/theministryofawesome on [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/seduction/comments/49tsoy/fr_date_went_well_ended_up_bad_in_the_end/) :

>As I got to know her a bit i dropped more into my raw self, which is a bit crazy and erratic (it’s just high energy, light, joking, and entirely unserious and friendly – a bit of a deviation from the stern stoic dominant type that usually come across when i’m not “just being friends” with people). I guess the way i hold myself isn’t very good, at least not very “alpha” if you do it. Either way, I was having fun and so was she.

In the end he didn’t manage to f-close due to that and some other stuffs he reported (give it a read, its a great FR).

I find that following the techniques work as intended but can also be tiresome because you are constantly doing stuffs that might be out of your “own self”.

Sorry if I am breaking any rules. It’s my first time posting here.



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[25M] Finding ways to seal the deal at the club


Ever been that guy that feels confident, calm, and fun out there, but can’t finish? Insert me in this story.

Don’t get me wrong…I think I had a good 2018 with women, and that’s not just as far as having fun dates. I got one step better with women in the club…most of my interactions happened while dancing, but hey, I’ll take it where I can. Had two very close opportunities that could have ended in getting laid, but if you had to ask me why, I’d say I was too clingy with the first girl and the other probably just…forgot about me the next day even though I got her number.

Since then, just been trying to mix things up. A nicer haircut, not carpooling with my friends, and keeping that no-pressure mentality when I’m out there. If you’ve got some more advice for me, throw it my way!


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