Is it me, or is r/askreddit an excellent source for conversation topics?


I’ve been thinking a lot for a couple of days about the dynamics of *interesting* and unconventional conversation topics and this sub seems to be a treasure chest full of it.

In addition to this, I’m also looking for a style of conversation that appears to be random and fictional – something that just keeps giving. I was talking to a gent in a previous thread where he mentioned he used to come up with fictional tales of how he was in the Bolivian Intelligence Agency and detailed his adventures in a way to both have something to talk about and make the girl laugh.

I’d also like to know an unconventional method to open a with a girl without starting with her name. I came up with up a ‘look at that couple there, how long do you think till she slaps him” and something on those lines.


1. How do you approach a potential girl when they’re in groups?

2. When there’s a lull in the convo, I simply stare at her with a half smile. This generally goads her to come up with something. I’d like to have a proper backup- what’s yours?


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Pretty Latina (Yoshinoya Crenshaw)


I saw you at Yoshinoya Crenshaw. You a beautiful Latina. Me a tall White guy. I would defiantly like to get to know you more. You were with someone so I didn’t approach.

Check more…

Friendzoned/walked/how to react?


Girl said maybe when I asked her to a date. I just cut contract for a month – literally nothing. I know she’s pissed as she wrote a criptic message on Instagram saying she don’t care.

I m going to be seeing her in a month – how do I react and act around her? I still like her but I have now realised my value and worth



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My first threesome. What do you think of my strategy?


So I have a sexy bi FWB.

And we are going to try to have a threesome with somebody she knows from her social circle.

Our plan:

She is going to hint her that I like her sexually. And sell me a bit to her. Between the lines of just texting like usual. Suggestive not obvious.

She works in a bar so we are going to go there. And just chat her up be nice maybe a compliment than ask her to have a drink at my place afterwards (closes early). My FWB is almost certain she will say yes to this as friends (not DTF persee).

Than I am going to seduce her how I seduce reguraly. Maybe when my FWB has a smoke outside for 10 minutes. And when I escalate I ask my FWB to join in.

The whole strategy is basically seducing her like I always do and than when a few minutes in to escalation ask my FWB to join us.

So…… what do you guys think?


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