Success! Finally lost my V-Card


After vowing to change the ways I (19M) approach women and deciding to get into great shape and build my confidence I have finally lost my virginity on the 3rd date with a girl I recently started seeing. The difference in my confidence that I act with around her surprises even me as I know I was a pretty weak Beta only months ago.

It’s nice to mark one in the win column, and I’ll take the claw marks on my back as a proud battle scar 😉
Don’t give up guys! Good hunting.


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7 thoughts on “Success! Finally lost my V-Card”

  1. Congrats man. How did she take that you were a virgin? I always wonder what non-virgin girls think of having sex with a virgin guy. I didn’t tell the girl I lost my v-card with that I was a virgin for fear she’d be turned off.

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