Nightgaming alone??


Have any of you ever hit the night clubs by yourselves? Is it good or bad not to have a wing man and what were your results?


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3 thoughts on “Nightgaming alone??”

  1. It’s better to go solo in clubs.

    Other people are a HINDRANCE that has to be REMOVED in order to reach your OBJECTIVES.

    Lol. Wings are only usefull in clubs to deal with a girl’s friends.

  2. Yes I have. I think in general nightclubs are not good places to get laid whether you are alone or with a wingman. Yes there’s an absolute abundance of hot girls. But most of them are actually just out for attention, fun, and like to cocktease guys with no intention of sex. Granted there a few that you could fuck if you play the numbers game hard and have good game.

    New guys tend to go to nightclubs a lot, but I prefer bars and street approaches better.

    Anyway if you do nightclubs, having a GOOD wingman will definitely help you. A bad wingman may just cockblock you whether intentional or not.

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