List of date ideas?


Hey lads,

One of the most challenging things in dating, I find, is to constantly come up with interesting dates. Are there any /r/seduction approved lists of date ideas out there? Thank you so much! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “List of date ideas?”

  1. So true, especially in the winter. I usually rotate between wanna go grab a beer, wanna go shoot a game of pool or wanna chill and watch a shitty movie. Even I get bored with those and they’re my own ideas haha.

  2. Wine tasting events, museum guided tours together, sip and paint classes, going to a concert together, going to a cooking class together, jazz bar nights, open mic nights.

    You don’t want to overdo how cool the date is though because then she could be overly focused on the activity instead of you

  3. Go do shit! Get her out of her comfort zone!

    Take her rock climbing, show her you’re handy with some ropes. Go to a drive in movie. Go hiking, swimming, get an eno and just snuggle up with a movie.

    Take her shooting at a range (guns, airsoft, paintball, archery) or do things where you can teach her (don’t do this if you’re a dick as a teacher). Go to a concert, go to a cooking class or take horseback riding lessons together.

    Movies and dinner, Netflix and chill, they’re all fun but sometimes you need to throw in a little creative activity to keep her guessing. Nothing like a little anticipation on her part to keep her interested.

  4. My favorite is wine tasting event. Usually free and very low key. Good excuse to make her tipsy and loosen up also. Or go to IKEA, lot of props for you to play fun scenario. But the key is any activity that a long term couple would do normally (i’m not talking about over the top romantic dates for people honeymoon period of dating, but normal stuffs that couples that have been seeing each other for months doing). I find doing so subconsciously frame the girls and interactions into a positive frame that we’re already a couple and she’s invested and committed to me. With that, kissing, making out or even f-close happens very naturally and smoothly.

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