Is it me, or is r/askreddit an excellent source for conversation topics?


I’ve been thinking a lot for a couple of days about the dynamics of *interesting* and unconventional conversation topics and this sub seems to be a treasure chest full of it.

In addition to this, I’m also looking for a style of conversation that appears to be random and fictional – something that just keeps giving. I was talking to a gent in a previous thread where he mentioned he used to come up with fictional tales of how he was in the Bolivian Intelligence Agency and detailed his adventures in a way to both have something to talk about and make the girl laugh.

I’d also like to know an unconventional method to open a with a girl without starting with her name. I came up with up a ‘look at that couple there, how long do you think till she slaps him” and something on those lines.


1. How do you approach a potential girl when they’re in groups?

2. When there’s a lull in the convo, I simply stare at her with a half smile. This generally goads her to come up with something. I’d like to have a proper backup- what’s yours?


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One thought on “Is it me, or is r/askreddit an excellent source for conversation topics?”

  1. You’re trying so hard man. The topic really, really doesn’t matter.

    That’s not how it goes. If you want to have her interested in the convo, you have to engage her, have her talk about herself and things she like. Period.

    Just speak your mind. Make sure you are really talking unfiltered. And when you’ve got nothing to say you wait for her to say things and invest. And if she doesn’t you wait for it, it’s alright if no-one is talking (once you’ve hooked her in the conversation in case of cold approach).

    And when you’re bored with her not talking, you talk again. Chances are that if she likes you she’d fill the void already.

    If she is never reinitiating the conversation she is either boring AF or not interested.

    Of course you have to make sure you can talk a lot by yourself first. Practice.

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