I really like this girl but…


She has a huge obsession with Disney. I always thought that Disney was aimed towards younger audiences (ages 3-10). She’s in her early 20’s. She has the annual pass, multiple ‘ears’ and she goes to Disneyland A LOT. Don’t get me wrong. She is hands down the most gorgeous and coolest girl I’ve ever met, practically my dream girl. But this Disney obsession makes me a bit uneasy. On the upside, we both like horror films and rock music, so I guess thats ok. Am I jerk for thinking this way? Should I give her a chance? Or is this Disney obsession a red flag?


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8 thoughts on “I really like this girl but…”

  1. It’s your call really. I wouldn’t consider that a red flag. Everyone has something their passionate about. It’s when they start pushing their ideals onto you, that’s when it becomes a problem.

  2. I used to watch animated movies in my previous relationship. I’m talking about going to the cinema once a year to watch the biggest or most interesting title. She didn’t like them: she thought they were for kids and kept feeling (and making me feel) uncomfortable.

    Now I find myself in a situation where I let myself make compromises with someone else’s insecurity, and I learned the lesson.

    So, watch this from the other perspective and I will ask you: is this really your insecurity or hers?

  3. Plenty of older people love Disney. Maybe she has fond memories of her parents bringing her there or she just likes their design style or whatever. She could definitely have weirder interests and if this is the most worrying thing about her then I would say she is A O.K.


    Give her a chance my man. Unless you just don’t like her and are using her obsession with Disney as an excuse to stop seeing her. Then by all means just move on.

  4. Dude, I know a fuck ton of girls like this. It is nothing weird at all especially if you’re from southern california. They just like the disney image and culture bs.

  5. If this adolescent behavior is accompanied by a lack of accountability then I would be concerned. If not then it is just a sweet quirk and probably deliberately adopted as just that.

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