Girls Straight-Up roasting me


First of all I’m not trying to brag, I feel like these facts are important for this community to understand the situation. I’m tall, muscular, and attractive.

Last night at a university party I was walking home afterwards with some girls I met. So these girls keep saying things to each other things like “Yea he’s hot but like he’s wearing a visor” (I was wearing a visor i think it looks good on me), and they said it just loud enough so I could hear them. And I playfully called out “I can hear you guys”.

These jabs and insults continued most of the way back and I knew it was some kind of test and I’ve experienced it before. Anyway, I never got upset, defensive, aggressive…etc. I just rolled with the punches and teased back a little too.

But we live in the same residence complex and I asked one of them (slightly isolated from the rest of the group) if they wanted to come to my room and got denied.


and also how do I respond/react to girls insulting me as a test?




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  1. Well you got denied because if random chance. You asked one girl, it’s a 50/50 chance she’ll say yes. And not enough details to know what you did wrong.

    The only thing I would say you did wrong is letting them disrespect you. I would’ve left. And maybe those girls are shallow.

  2. I don’t think you’re meant to “take the shit test like a champ” you’re meant to do a equal if not worse put down on them to stop them. I guess it shows dominance as well

  3. You do not “ask one of them”. Asking is giving control to her, and women don”t like to be in control.


    You first make her horny. You talk, and physically escalate (read about escalation). After she is aroused, -which you will check by giving her small commands and see if she obeys-, you either take his hand and lead her to your room, or give her some “plausible denial” to go to your place (like, let’s go take a coffee, or come to watch my interesting collection of desiccated cockroaches), or nonchalantly “invite, but not ask”.


    Women arousal sloooowly rises up, so you need to continuously raise her arousal level, and she is never sure that she wants to say yes. She only knows if she wants to know more.

  4. “How do I respond/react to girls insulting me as a test?”

    Own your shit. They accuse you of being the world’s biggest dickhead? In a non-reactive tone, agree and amplify everything they say. “Not only am I the world’s biggest dickhead but I am in fact being enrolled in Dickhead University next month. Feels really good – I studied hard for it.” You’re drunk or a bit socially uncalibrated? “Yeah, I got off a desert island 15 minutes ago – you guys are the first human beings I’ve talked to in 15 years so I have no game. FINALLY SOME PRACTICE.”

    Think of it like this, by defending yourself in these situations not only do you care too much about what they think of you, you’re in reaction to them, which is unattractive, you want them to be in reaction to you. Would you have that sort of a reaction if a 5 year old kid teased you like this? Fuck no. Doing this not only fundamentally passes any shit tests they throw at you but you keep the vibe of the interaction going.

  5. What is a “visor”? The only thing I can come up with is the thing that Data from Star Trek was wearing, and maybe it doesn’t look good, ever thought about that? Sure it is very important to be confident, but there are also limits as to what society will accept. For instance, if you run around in your underwear, shave one side of your head and leave the other side with long neon green dyed hair, having tattoos in your face and hundreds of piercings, you will repell a lot of women.


    To attract a high number of women, you have to also cater to their taste to some degree.

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